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Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to say thank you for your help and for BrightHome’s services.

Everything seems to be working great although we’ll really find out for sure in the winter lol. Mike finished the boiler and thermostat and explained everything to us on how to use it and how to maintain it.

Please also thank Tom and Dan for me along with everyone else that worked on this project. We are very pleased and happy with the great job you all did.

Thanks again

Nikki Bronx, NY

Hey David just wanted to let you know the insulation guys have been great ! Professional , neat and trustworthy .They are wrapping up tomorrow. I also have your guys coming out to do my start up this weekend for the AC . I had an oil delivery recently . If you want to check where I stand I would appreciate it. Maybe I will see you at the club this weekend and give you payment . Hope all is well.

Mark D., Armonk, NY

BrightHome performed a home energy analysis and provided a plan to save money on electricity and heating/air conditioning. They then executed the plan which consisted of closing off and insulating crawl spaces and vulnerable areas of the house. Tom Brown was the initial inspector. He did a great job analyzing the house. He crawled through every nook and cranny in the house and gave us a detailed description of what he was doing and why. He then provided us with a very detailed report on the house complete with pictures and recommendations for how to solve our energy problems. Basically the insulation in the house was very old (where there was insulation) and they came in and provided different kinds of insulation for different parts of the house. They were very professional and finished the job earlier than they said they would. There was no mess and no damage. The review won't be complete until we see how the energy bills compare to last year but all of the work they did was excellent and they were very responsive and professional.

Michael, New York, New York

Hope you're having a good week. I just wanted to check in as we are wrapping up the second day of work at the house. The insulation looks great and Matt (your colleague Matt, not my Matt :)) did a great job of getting that done in two days.

Jessie, Briar Cliff Manor

BrightHome, you have an extremely happy customer on your hands. Your guys started their final day this morning and they are on their game! You are on the top of our list, as far as contractors we have dealt with. You are “Hands down our favorite.”

John, Mamaroneck

The team was truly awesome, I have to say. They were punctual, thorough, neat, and very professional. They spent the first three days air sealing all around the basement, in closets, and around bumpouts and filling our attic ceiling and knee walls with insulation, then spent two more days pumping 2,000 pounds of cellulose into our walls. We felt the difference immediately - walls that were icy to the touch before are now as warm as the interior of the room. No more drafts coming in around the bumpouts. Best of all they were incredibly easy to work with - this job involved giving them a lot of access to places we use for storage, so it was a major pain moving things around. But they always gave us a heads-up on what area they needed access to next so we could move things in the right order. I had also been worried about the mess, but they covered everything before they got to work and cleaned up after they were finished. (In some cases, like the bottoms of our 15-years-since-they-were-last-empty closets, they left the place cleaner than they found it.) Couldn't be happier with the way it all went. This is an expensive job, but we're happy we did it. We won't know until next year how it will affect our heating bill, but we can already tell that it will -- we had some pretty cold days since the job was done but actually had the heat off. (My daughter woke up one night and asked if we could turn on the A/C!) I definitely give these guys an A+ for their work.

Roseann H., Bayside, NY

Scheduled the appointment easily and the tech arrived on time. He was very thorough and took his time explaining to me what he was looking at and what he was seeing. The blower door setup took a little time but overall I'd say the appointment was efficient. He asked for some information from my energy bills and that he would be back in touch soon. About 2 weeks later I got my report. Good experience overall.

Mark, New Rochelle, New York

Thank you for your help in helping to warm up our house. It was a long and trying process at times, but I can’t say enough about your team who worked on the house. Eddie is a terrific foreman; he was such a pleasure to work with. He explained the job each and every day (usually addressing the next day’s project before he left) to give me time to move anything I wanted to move. He answered my questions in terms that I was able to understand. Really ran the job like a well-oiled machine, making sure all the guys were being productive and working in unison. The team moved, put back, and cleaned up so well every night before they left. We had a lot of different men here and each and every one of them was very pleasant and hardworking.

Kelly, NY

BrightHome arrived and quickly went to work by closing and sealing all ducts in order to pressurize the house to look for leaks. they performed a series of tests over a 5 hour period looking for heat loss through all the walls and windows. they also did a leak test of the heating and cooling system. They examined all the duct work for leaks and drafts. When they finished they provided a report which was sent a week or so later with full description of their findings and pictures of thermal images of suspected heat loss and cooling loss. the report was very detailed and thorough and then they provided cost estimates for repair. I did not order any of the repairs as i found the costs too high against the ROI of cost of energy lost. in other words the repairs were $15,000 if I chose to do everything and if you calculate the cost of oil at $2500 per year and the savings of say 20% I might save $500 per year on my oil bill against an expensive repair. so for me it did not work out economically but for others it may... but they were very professional and punctual and in fact I recommended them to a friend and he did hire them to make the repairs...

Raymond, NY

And I want to add how polite and professional all the workers were. I can't remember the name of the foreman but I want to tell you how easy he was to work with. And as David said, our home was left very clean and everything was well protected.

Gail, NY

Work was done this week. Really impressed how neat and clean and organized everything was. Now of course then goal is to see the positive effects.

David, NY

We were very satisfied with the quality of assessment & work provided by BrightHome while residing in Dobbs Ferry, NY. There is nothing of your caliber in our area.

Stephanie T., NY

I wanted to let you know that your team did a great job, very professional, pleasant and most appreciated they did a great job cleaning was sparkling when they left.

Thanks again..looking forward to warmer winters and cooler summers!!

Tina, NY

Hi Tom,

Just letting you know that we appreciate the extra fix on our family room crawl space. It made a noticeable difference! Really appreciate it.

We'll talk to you in the early fall when we're ready for walls. Thanks!

Dave, Pelham, NJ

Anthony did an awesome job. Exceptional disposition and a great worker! Just a great job in cleaning up. Please tell him thanks again for me.

Jamie G., Morristown, NJ

Very happy with the work and the tradesman. Matt was very pleasant and explained what he would do before he started. He also cleaned up after himself nicely, which not all tradespeople do.

Dear Mr. Charlie Simmons

I am writing to you to express my sincere appreciation to the BrightHome team for providing me with excellence customer service skills and their extreme professionalism. My cooling/heating systems have not been working for 3 months. Before notifying BrightHome Solutions, about my heating and cooling systems I have been getting estimations from other companies in White Plains, Elmsford and upper White Plains. After receiving a few estimates from the other companies, I decided to go along with Mr. Simmons.

Out of all the other people who gave me an estimate, Mr. Simmons was the most patient and comprehensive. He was thorough and accommodating to me. I became busy in between the time I was given the estimates and the start day of the job, yet Mr. Simmons was patient, yet persistence. Also at the end of the installment of my equipments, Mr. Simmons was kind enough to work with my insurance company so that I was able receive some of the monies that I spend on the new unit from for my house-hold insurance warrantees.

His professionalism was amazing; he delivered paper work that explained the procedure that would be done along with the kind of equipments that would be installed along with the prices of the unit as well as all available discounts that I would be eligible for. He also educated me on the different types of cooling/heating systems and which system would be more efficient for my home to provide me with the comfort that me and my family would benefit from.

Dr. Cassandra D. / Christopher D., NY

My home is in NJ. NJ offers "Energy Efficiency" discounts to customers who have work performed by NJ Certified contractors. The effort required to apply and qualify for the discounts is time consuming. This contractor helped us to obtain all of the rebates that we were entitled to. Can't say the same for the other vendors.

Our air handlers and the smoke and contaminants in their home is being circulated into my home through the shared closet. I now have stale smoke coming through every register in every room of my home and I have been sick from the exposure for almost 3 months (headaches, horrific cough, unable to breathe deeply). BrightHome came to do a check of the situation and give me options and estimates for any way in which they might be able to help remedy the situation. The prices seemed totally fair for the work that might be warranted. Since I am not in any way responsible for the situation, this information has been passed on to my neighbors and the condo association to see how they want to resolve this.

I was so totally impressed with BrightHome as a company on every level. I have every bit of faith that they would follow through with the work in the exact same manner that they responded to situation and took the time to do the check and give me the written estimates. Their actions exhibited a high degree of integrity and professionalism. I cannot say enough about every single employee that I encountered (which was at least 4). They are courteous beyond what I experience with many other companies and were just plain human. I am really grateful for being lucky enough to have encountered their name in a search for a company that might be able to help in this difficult situation - they went above and beyond - which leads me to think this is simply their way of doing business in a world where we see way too much of the opposite.

I would certainly contact this company for any needs I have in the future for any of the services that they render.

The greatest asset of any company is the people that work for it. The experience we had with BrightHome Energy Solutions was incredible.

We explained to Charlie that we wanted to save on our energy costs because our present HVAC system was old and not functioning properly. He took the time to evaluate the whole system and came up with options that made sense. He even registered the warranties for us and explained the rebate program.

It took 2 days for Jason and Dee to install the equipment. They were courteous, polite and very informative when we asked them questions. We even had a couple of laughs along the way.

All and all it doesn’t get any better than this.

Many Thanks

Judy & Vinny O, NY

The purpose of this email is to let you know the exceptional level of service and professionalism extended to us on this job by your installation crew, especially the lead installer. I always say that product are difficult to differentiate but people do appreciate knowledgeable staff, professionalism and courteousness. At the end of the day, that is what win a customer, get repeated business and referrals.

Certainly, I have praised your company and services in front of many of my friends since the completion of the installation. Don't know if it will bring you additional business but you can guarantee that I will refer you each time someone ask, who should they select?

Again, thank you. And please extend my appreciation to those installed my machines.

Hi Mike and Jason, I want to thank you both for all of your help. The boiler install went well and it was a great experience. My aunt and uncle were very pleased when they saw the new boiler and thermostats. I will definitely recommend Bright home to all of my co workers and friends. Please thank Ben for me as well.

After two chilly, drafty Winters in our 1920’s era home, we called Bright Home Energy Solutions to perform a home energy audit. They are Building Performance Institute certified, which was important to us.

They assured us that our aging windows were actually fine, but that we had no insulation in our walls! They added tightly-packed, efficient cellulose insulation to the walls, and they also air-sealed our attic and basement with spray foam.

The crew were punctual, friendly, neat, and knowledgeable. They involved us in the process by educating us about year-round, energy-saving and cost-saving measures throughout our home. They even located the source of a rainwater leak in our basement.

It is now mid-December and we are thrilled to discover how warm and cozy our home has become! No more sweaters and jackets and blankets against the drafts. We are amazed to go outdoors now and realize how cold it is. Before Bright Home Energy Solutions, the temperature inside seemed the same as outside. Now we feel that our home has become the shelter it was meant to be … not like the screened-in porch it once was.

Thank you Jose and the rest of the BrightHome team. A job well done!

Mr. & Mrs. Eric B., Midland Park, NJ

Just wanted to share some stats with you. Last year, before you guys insulated my home and installed the new 98% energy efficient gas furnace, my heating bill total from September 1, 2009 thru April 1, 2010 was about $3200. Guess what?

This year, after you guys did all that work last summer, my total heating bill for the same Sept 10' thru April 11 period was $1166. I'm not kidding! That's a savings of 2k this past year, almost 70%! With the tax credit and appreciation, I'll amortize the investment in about 10 years.

Best decision I ever made with regards to the house. Plus, the house is much more comfortable (no more drafts) and I sleep easier knowing my house isn't wasting energy like it used to.

You guys rock! Many thanks!

Bob T., Valhalla, NY

Our March energy bill had a credit balance of over $1,000! After we had our work done, we went a year without a meter reading. We scheduled an appointment with PSE&G to come out and get an official reading and received the $1,000 credit. If we continue to see this kind of savings for the summer and subsequent years, this investment will have paid itself back in less than three years. Thanks again!

Matt, West Orange, NJ

Three months after all the insulation was put in, we had a completely unexpected change in our lives — moving across the country! The energy efficiency work BrightHome did for us was a great selling point for our house.

We told the new owners about BrightHome with great praise and will be able to pass along the proof of energy savings. Thank you so much for your work! It's been a pleasure working with such a professional group of people.

Maggie, Hudson, New York

The people at Brighthome performed an energy audit on my 1928 house and the house failed miserably. After I decided to get insulation and other energy saving updates BrightHome set a date and began and finished on time. The entire house was insulated including walls and attic and it was done neatly and efficiently.

Before I had a new high efficiency heating system installed, our heater was running constantly. The high efficiency heater comes on occasionally and the house holds the heat very well and maintains warmth all day.

Thomas, Bronx, New York

For the three months that I checked, we have cut our gas consumption in half! A million thanks for your company's help and for making sure we received our rebate. We are very pleased with all the work and have given your name to others.

Joan, Ridgewood, NJ

BrightHome exceeded our expectations. We knew that our older home had significant energy efficiency problems, and they were exceptionally professional in identifying them and proposing reasonable solutions. We had total confidence in them from start to finish. Their workers were the best we have dealt with in the area. They were punctual, friendly, worked clean and very hard. We knew were in good hands when they took off their shoes before coming into our house and put down paper on the floors before starting work.

The positive results of their work were immediate. Our house is tighter, retains heat significantly better, and feels much more comfortable.

BrightHome came back after their work was finished to conduct the same tests they conducted at the outset to actually prove the efficiency gains, which were remarkable. And the financial proof is in the pudding -- our energy use year-on-year decreased right away.

In addition, working with them we qualified for a federal income tax credit of $1,500 and a NYSERDA rebate, which significantly reduced our actual out-of-pocket expense. We're so pleased with BrightHome and their work that we recommended them to our neighbors.

David, White Plains, New York

My husband and I hired BrightHome to perform an energy audit. Andy was incredibly thorough and patiently answered all our questions. He was sensitive to the fact that we were working on a limited budget, and gave us a solution that took that into account. We love the way the house is actually warm now. If we turn off the heat overnight, the place is still comfortable the next morning.

Limarie, Harrison, New York

The rebate check came in today's mail, thank you very much! The second piece of good news is that my PSE&G (gas only) monthly payment plan "true-up" came today and it is an $898.05 credit!

How cool is that?

Suzanne, Madison, NJ

From the first contact with Tom, who came by the same day to measure and make recommendations, to the work that the installation team completed, everything was excellent. Everyone was courteous, neat and efficient in their work. The house feels much tighter and I'm amazed at how little heat has been on so far.

Jason, Scarsdale, New York

I am very pleased with the quality of the work performed by your company.

They patiently answered all my questions and the guys that performed the air-sealing work in our home could not have been better. They were friendly, helpful and very neat! I didn't have to clean up a thing even though they were hauling stuff in and out of my house all day and blowing insulation. From beginning to end, my experience has been incredibly positive.You did a great job!

Kelly, Oakland, NJ

We are so thankful for everything your company has done for us. We recently purchased a new house and scheduled an energy audit on the advice of a friend. Little did we know that we found a company who shares our values with regard to conservation and efficiency. You are an incredible resource with unmatched expertise, but more importantly, you provide pragmatic and reasonable solutions to increase our quality of life while decreasing our environmental impact. We can¹t thank you enough!

Sarah & Ryan, Montclair, NJ

We hired Jay Latella from BrightHome Energy Solutions out of six potential contractors because of his expertise and the quote he offered. A new 95% energy efficient boiler was installed and the old one was removed from the house promptly. The professionalism and courtesy that Jay and his associate displayed were noteworthy and commendable.

Saju, Yonkers, New York

I felt very comfortable with the BrightHome team from Jay, the sales associate, to the installation crew and Erin who was very helpful on the telephone each time I called. Everyone was very professional and friendly. Jay's personality and presentation gave him the job from the get go. Larry and Benny work well together as a team and they arrived on time as scheduled and left the work area clean.

BrightHome explained the use of the cooling system and made sure that I understood before they left. I would recommend your company with no hesitation.

Sherman, Mount Vernon, NY

BrightHome a very professional company. They stuck to their estimates and were very conscientious in completing the work. The team was very courteous and cleaned up after every day. I felt very comfortable having them in my home.

Cynthia, Mountain Lakes, NJ

The team was very good. Very thorough, neat and pleasant to work with. I think it was Tim that came to install the attic tent and he covered the spot where the switch was with a plain plate. I'm so glad the work is done!

Thanks so much for all your help.

Chris, Montrose

Brian did a great job at cleaning up the bad batch of insulation that oozed out of the soffet in the back.  Tough stuff to clean up ... then redoing the insulation. A lot of work. Nancy and I appreciate your attention to this and assigning Brian, who is terrific, to make it happen. We are waiting to finish the final plastering and painting of the areas that had to be taken out of the ceilings and walls until there is a week of high temperatures and humidity in the summer. We want to be sure the insulating solved the condensation and leaking problems. We'll let you know.

Thanks, too, for supporting Earth Day in Ossining last Saturday. It was fun to meet more of your team; put faces to voices.

Michael, Ossining, NY

Wanted to let you know we appreciated the work the team did on our home. Thank you all!

Victoria L, Thornwood, NY

I just saw the door upstairs and it looks great appreciate all....nice of you to put back up our window guards over the door and the new guards are most helpful and appreciated.....the new insulation is already making a difference! Many thanks for all that you all do to help us to make our energy bills more affordable for our low income families as well as secure many thanks again.

Elizabeth M. of The Family Resource Center of Peekskill, Inc., Peekskill, NY
BrightHOME's happy customers in New York!

Drs. Edward and Carol G. stopped by BrightHome today to put a face with services provided!

"We are so pleased with BrightHome from the start to finish! The excellent customer service  was provided by Melissa she took the driver’s seat to make sure things ran smoothly.  “she rocks!.” The work crew Dexter and Sam plus Energy Consultant Hameed were all so professional and polite.  Thumbs- up for doing such a great job! We were so impressed that the President of the company Mike Brown came out to the house on several occasions to follow-up on the work showing true concern that BrightHome was there for them.

WE have nothing but good things to say about BrightHome helping us achieve our goal in renovating!"

Drs. Edward and Carol G., Elmsford, NY

Gentleman, I want to tell you that I am super impressed with Melissa Cleveland. She is efficient, delightful and most professional. When I first spoke to Melissa she really was the one who sold me on Bright Home.

I just wanted to share that with you. I'm a psychologist and I feel I have a pretty good reading on people. Melissa is top notch. She is a total delight.

So my advice is take good care of her because she is an integral part of your business and she makes your customers feel safe, secure and assured.

The work has been excellent and I am most pleased about that as well.

Steve K., Westchester County, NY
Just wanted to let you know that we can really feel the difference in the house after the work that you did. We are definitely using the heat less. I've also referred you to several neighbors, so hope that works out.
Thank you,
Mike, Bronx, Bronx, NY

Dear Melissa and Mike,

You guys are the BEST! Tony arrived an hour and ten minutes after you called, so I had to leave to get the MRI on my back, but Ed stayed with him. Ed saw that Tony caulked both the inside and outside of the door to stop the drafts. Already the work Tony did has made an appreciable difference in the inside temperature of the house, raising it two degrees.

Thank you for standing by your products and your customers. We have nothing but the greatest gratitude and respect for BrightHome and its employees.

Best wishes,

Ed and Carol Gladstone

Ed & Carol Gladstone, Hartsdale, NY

Let me start this review by stating that I do not work for BrightHOMES and find that notion to dismiss a good review odd-fake news (and I am not a Russian bot)! I had 5 insulation companies come to our 7000 square foot historic carriage house to give me quotes and various ideas about the insulation project as to what to do and how to proceed. Tom from Bright Homes came and spent all day evaluating our home that we sadly discovered was completely un-insulated after moving into from Brooklyn in July- now we were shivering in our drafty house, wearing coats inside even with the heat constantly blasting as the heat would dissipate quickly as there was no insulation to retain the heat. I narrowed my choices down to BrightHOMES and one other contractor- I even ran the quote from BrightHOMES with the competing contractor-he felt it was fair, and because he was not able to come to insulate our home for several months and BrightHOMES could start within 2 weeks, he felt I should use them and praised them as the best (along with him, of course) and even was surprised how competitive their cost was, given their labor is union. We needed everything done-attic, basement, and wall fill. Tom and his brother Mike came with their hard working crew and spent a better part of a month and a few weeks (bad weather was a factor) insulating our house and even used a more atypical blown in insulation, mineral wool, as it would be less dusty then cellulose if it leaked into our interior space and is more commonly used in the Midwest and Canada even though it was more expensive but has a higher R factor than cellulose. The difference is astonishing and they promised us 30 percent reduction and the final blower test showed a 50 percent reduction in drafts, beyond their (and my expectation).

Adam Reich, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Tom, as you know, the work was completed today ahead of schedule.  Danny Alvarez was very pleasant to deal with, ensured the team did a good job cleaning up at the end of each day, and did a walk through with me at the end.  He found a couple of things that had not been completed to his standards, and had the guys remedy them . . . much appreciated!

Mary D., White Plains, NY

Thank you so much for the amazing job your guys did! They were very professional and courteous! Thank you so much for fixing the issue. I cannot believe how amazing it looks down there and without taking the floor out. Thank you again and again. 

Anne-Ma and Sandra, Scarsdale, NY

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