Ductless Minisplit Air Conditioning New York City

BrightHOME Energy Solutions offers mini-split heat pumps for residential and commercial buildings throughout the NYC metro region. We guarantee energy savings!

You’ve heard about mini-splits, and it could be time to install one in your home or building.

For many customers, mini-split air conditioning units are the best of both worlds. You get comparable cooling power to central air with the manageability of a smaller, ductless system. Mini-splits are also very energy efficient, which is an important consideration today – no matter what your motivation.

How mini-split air conditioners work:

  • Noisy compressor and condenser are located outside the building.
  • Instead of ductwork to transfer cold air, the system uses copper tubing to move refrigerant to wall-mounted units inside.
  • Quiet, efficient blowers cool the rooms in which they are located.
  • System works in reverse during winter, providing efficient heat.

Choose BrightHOME for your mini-split installation in Westchester, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Putnam County, Rockland County and Western Connecticut.

BrightHOME is NYC’s leading home energy contractor. BrightHOME’s consultants are certified and experienced, and have developed a reputation for excellent customer service and quality work. Especially when you’re learning about a new technology like the mini-split, you want to get as much information as you can from a contractor who knows. We’re here for you.

BrightHOME is:

  • Your high performance home and building team
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Always efficient with your investment in our services
  • Always focused on home and building comfort

Mini-split systems give you maximum cooling power.

Call us about this easy, energy efficient option!


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Thank you for your help in helping to warm up our house. It was a long and trying process at times, but I can’t say enough about your team who worked on the house. Eddie is a terrific foreman; he was such a pleasure to work with. He explained the job each and every day (usually addressing the next day’s project before he left) to give me time to move anything I wanted to move. He answered my questions in terms that I was able to understand. Really ran the job like a well-oiled machine, making sure all the guys were being productive and working in unison.


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