At BrightHOME, we want your home to be healthier, more efficient and more comfortable. Making upgrades can help you save in the long-term and is easily made affordable in the short-term by using one of the multiple financing options available to New York
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Upgrade your home at no cost with HomeAdvance!

HomeAdvance is a program brought to you by Sealed and the New York State Green Bank. BrightHOME is a preferred partner because of the quality of work we provide. 

HomeAdvance by Sealed with BrightHOME

Achieve a comfortable, healthy, valuable home

Equip your home with the most impactful energy-saving technologies, including air sealing, insulation, smart thermostats, and LED light bulbs, and oil to gas conversion, at no cost to you.

HomeAdvance at BrightHOME

Let HomeAdvance cover the costs!

Your project is completely paid for by HomeAdvance*, and your monthly energy spending stays the same! HomeAdvance only gets paid back whatever the actual bill's savings are from the project.

HomeAdvance with BrightHOME

Transparent reporting, easy billing

Track your energy savings each month with a clear report. Pay simple energy bills based on your historical energy use, and we’ll pay your utilities for convenience.

Get more from your utility dollars

Energy savings pay for your home improvements, GUARANTEED!


Ready to get started? Click here for the online application or contact BrightHOME at (914) 909-5300 to see if you qualify!


*The project cost is paid for by HomeAdvance. There is a $299 entrance payment to participate in the program. Customers must have a minimum 680 credit score to participate. Other eligibility restrictions apply, including historical energy usage and home characteristic criteria.

Energy Finance Solutions

Energy Finance Solutions offers loans on behalf of NYSERDA. The Smart Energy Loan and the On-Bill Recovery Loan are both available through EFS. The Smart Energy Loan is repaid directly to NYSERDA’s loan provider, while the On-Bill Recovery Loan is repaid through charges directly on your monthly utility bill.

A user-friendly application process, allows you to easily apply online at any time to work with a participating BPI-accredited Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor, like BrightHOME. You’ll receive a quick turnaround on your loan approval so you’ll be able to proceed with your home energy project quickly to start seeing savings and increased comfort immediately. Loan rates are affordable and you have great payment options to ensure you’ll have low or no out-of-pocket costs.

Interested in financing for your home improvement project? Contact a BrightHOME Energy Consultant by calling (914) 292-0627.

Low interest, easy terms and lots of help applying.

Talk with BrightHome about NY financing programs.


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