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December 27, 2016

Most parents can agree that there’s nothing more important than the health and safety of their children, especially at young ages where they are prone to infection. We often go to great lengths to ensure that our children are protected at all costs only to find another potential threat pop up seemingly out of nowhere. One common concern that sometimes goes overlooked is the structural integrity and indoor environment of our homes, which can greatly affect health and safety—especially if problems are allowed to get worse with time.

If it’s something you’ve never thought about, you’re not alone. Still, there’s no better time than now to make sure your Westchester County home was built with safety, health and comfort in mind for you and your family. Keep an eye out for the following issues:

Drafty Rooms

Many people have experienced what it’s like to encounter drafts throughout a home, simply by placing their hand by their windows and doors. Most homes are riddled by tiny cracks and gaps, which can allow for unwanted air exchange to occur. The solution? Air sealing.

Cold Spots

Cold spots are usually a result of old, dirty and thin insulation that isn’t doing its job anymore. We first remove any old materials and then apply brand new high performance insulation. This, in addition to air sealing can help nip the problem of cold spots in the bud.

Itchy Noses & Sore Throats

If everyone in your home has seemingly picked up some sort of allergy out of nowhere, it may be that you have an indoor air quality issue at play. Crawlspace encapsulation can help to keep dust and debris from entering your home’s breathable air, thus saving your family from potential respiratory issues.

Odd Smells & Odors

Have you been noticing strange smells that don’t seem to have any visible cause? This can also be a result of a crawlspace that requires encapsulation. Many people are shocked to learn that crawlspaces can actually be havens for animals, rodents and insects, which can lead to foul smells that only get worse with time.

Moisture & Mold

No one wants to encounter mold in their home, but it does happen. Mold can occur for a number of reasons, typically resulting from poor air sealing, a lack of insulation and/or a crawlspace that hasn’t been encapsulated. A lack of moisture can be the result of winter weather, in which case a humidifier may be used to remedy the dry air.

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