October 4, 2017


Renovate Responsibly

The right renovations will make your home more energy efficient and environmentally responsible, all while boosting its overall value. Are you renovating responsibly?

Why Renovating Responsibly Matters

  • Carbon emissions account for about 40% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States

  • Making even one home more energy efficient goes a long way towards protecting the environment

  • BrightHOME customers saved 576 tons of carbon from being released into the environment last year alone.

Benefits of Renovating Responsibly

  • Greater Comfort

Increasing a home’s energy efficiency also increases its year-round comfort

  • Reduced Energy Bills

Energy efficiency renovations can save you up to 40% on your home energy bills

  • Improved Sustainability & Durability

Renovating responsibly makes your home more sustainable and durable, letting you spend less time and money on maintenance

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Energy efficiency renovations help you do your part in protecting the environment

Why Choose BrightHOME?

  • We’ll spend 4 to 6 hours collecting data and 12 or more hours developing unique solutions for your home

  • We use industry leading software to model energy efficiency improvements based on your needs and budget

  • Our team is trained and certified to perform air sealing, insulation installation, HVAC upgrades, window and door replacement, and more

Make your home more comfortable, sustainable, and energy efficient by renovating responsibly. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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