NYC Local Law 87 Compliance

BrightHOME is fully qualified to help you comply with the new energy efficient building standards mandated by NYC Local Law 87. We work with industrial, commercial and residential clients to meet these standards, while serving as a trusted advocate to ensure that our customers are making the most informed and economical energy efficiency investments.

What is Local Law 87?

NYC Local Law 87 mandates that all buildings over 50,000 square feet file an Energy Efficiency Report (EER) with the NYC Department of Buildings. To submit this EER, a building owner must hire a certified BPI energy auditor to conduct a comprehensive energy audit. Using the hard data gathered during the energy audit, your energy auditor will create a roadmap for energy efficiency improvements down the line. While NYC LL87 does not require that you immediately have energy efficiency upgrades completed, the knowledge gained during the audit often spurs building owners to invest in the “low hanging fruit” energy efficiency upgrades that can yield tremendous energy savings at a relatively low upfront cost.

Can BrightHOME Do This?

BrightHOME is fully certified and qualified to help you comply with NYC Local Law 87. We have experience in residential (single family and multifamily), commercial and industrial buildings, full BPI Certification and the expertise to approach each project thoroughly and comprehensively. Our team will guide you through the process and help you accomplish each step along the way. Whether you’re looking to get started with a comprehensive energy audit, or if you have had an audit completed and are interested in taking advantage of the wide range of benefits provided by energy efficiency investments, we’re here to help.

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Scheduled the appointment easily and the tech arrived on time. He was very thorough and took his time explaining to me what he was looking at and what he was seeing. The blower door setup took a little time but overall I'd say the appointment was efficient. He asked for some information from my energy bills and that he would be back in touch soon. About 2 weeks later I got my report. Good experience overall.

New Rochelle, New York

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