Icicles hanging from a roof in Westchester County indicating an ice dam that need repair from BrightHOME Energy Solutions

Many homes in Westchester County, NY suffer from ice dams during the winter. With the snow constantly piling up during the colder months, don’t let your home experience the damage that ice dams can bring. Solve the problem for good.

What is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam is a buildup of ice on the edges of a roof which may cause water damage to your home’s roof, ceilings, gutters and siding.

How Do Ice Dams Form?

ice dam infographic. how does an ice dam form and how can you prevent them in westchester county

In the colder months, heat which escapes from your attic can cause accumulated snow to melt. As this melted water moves towards the edge of your roof, it sometimes meets a colder area on the roof that refreezes it. This melting and refreezing creates blocks of ice which form ice dams and icicles that hang from your roof and gutters.

How Do You Remove Ice Dams?

Removing ice dams can be done, but it is a temporary solution. Once the conditions return, so will the problem.

One way to remove ice dams is to break them apart into small pieces. Unfortunately, using a sharp tool will cut through your roof so a blunt mallet must be used. This makes it an extremely tedious process. Another way to remove ice dams is to melt the ice with a calcium chloride ice melter.

Although these methods can remove existing ice dams, they will not prevent new ones from forming. In order to prevent future ice dams you need to address the underlying issues.

Ice Dam Prevention with BrightHOME

Ice dam prevention is much more effective than trying to remove ice dams. The most effective home performance combination for preventing ice dams includes:

Air Sealing

The stack effect causes warm air inside your home to rise and escape out through the attic. This results in cold, outdoor air being pulled in through your home’s lower levels. If your home is leaky, the stack effect is much more pronounced.

Thankfully, air sealing can help prevent your heating system from working overtime, stop running up your energy bills, increase your home comfort and prevent ice dams. By reducing the amount of warm air that leaves your home through the attic, air sealing will lower your attic’s temperature slowing the melting of snow. Air sealing is the first step in preventing ice dam formation.

Attic Insulation

Throughout your home, insulation works as the thermal barrier which slows heat transfer. By increasing your attic insulation, you’ll build upon your home’s air sealing and work towards ice dam prevention.

Keeping your home’s heat in will reduce the melting and refreezing of snow on your roof that causes ice dams. Appropriate, uniform attic insulation paired with air sealing prevents ice dams while making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Improving Home Comfort While Preventing Ice Dams

Not only do air sealing and insulation prevent ice dams, but they also increase home comfort for years to come. Areas where you previously experienced drafts will now stay warm. If you typically had to wear thick wool socks with slippers and still had cold toes, you’ll now have a toasty home. By improving your home’s insulation and air sealing, you’ll experience a more comfortable home year-round and stop ice dam formation in its tracks.

The expert team at BrightHOME Energy Solutions can help prevent ice dams from forming and damaging your home. On top of stopping ice dam creation, we’ll help to keep you comfortable and save money with a home that’s energy efficient.

Prevent ice dams from damaging your home, stay more comfortable and save on your home’s energy bills! Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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