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Every BrightHome energy audit is conducted by an energy consultant who is certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a Building Analyst and Building Envelope professional.

We evaluate your home from the outside in, checking each room’s efficiency and safety. We’ll target your home’s problem areas and develop solutions to reduce its energy consumption.

At BrightHome, during our energy audits we'll check every part of your house to ensure you're maximizing your efficiency and safety. Our team of certified professionals will walk you through any problems identified in the audit, and help you create a plan to increase energy efficiency.
Commercial Energy Audit New York City
An energy audit for your commercial building is a critical step on the path to reduced energy costs, improved building health and comfort, and improved environmental performance.
multi family home in Westchester NY
The NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program for new and existing buildings aims to improve the quality of multifamily housing units, while simultaneously making them more affordable for building owners and tenants.
NYC Local Law 87 Compliance
BrightHOME is fully qualified to help you comply with the new energy efficient building standards mandated by NYC Local Law 87. We work with industrial, commercial and residential clients to meet these standards, while serving as a trusted advocate to ensure that our customers are making the most informed and economical energy efficiency investments.

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BrightHome performed a home energy analysis and provided a plan to save money on electricity and heating/air conditioning. They then executed the plan which consisted of closing off and insulating crawl spaces and vulnerable areas of the house. Tom Brown was the initial inspector. He did a great job analyzing the house. He crawled through every nook and cranny in the house and gave us a detailed description of what he was doing and why. He then provided us with a very detailed report on the house complete with pictures and recommendations for how to solve our energy problems.

New York, New York

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