At BrightHOME, we want your home to be healthier, more efficient and more comfortable. Making upgrades can help you save in the long-term and is easily made affordable in the short-term by using one of the multiple financing options available to New York homeowners.


Financing your home energy project with HomeAdvance is a simple and effective way to pay for improving your home. BrightHOME is a priority partner for HomeAdvance, the only program that lets you pay for your energy solutions project directly with your energy savings as they come in.

You can lower the upfront project cost and pay for the rest with your home’s energy savings. HomeAdvance is the only results-based payment option available to NY homeowners. Unlike a fixed monthly loan payment, you’ll pay based on what your home saves in energy use. With flexible terms and no early payment penalty, you’ll be able to save more and pay faster.

Just a few advantages to the program:

  • Lower up front cost for your energy upgrades
  • Maintain your current energy budget
  • Energy savings resulting from the project pay for the rest
  • Only pay based on what you save, guaranteed. If you save less, you pay less, if you save more, you're done faster
  • There's no early payment penalty
  • Flexible term for your budget and life plans

Learn more by calling BrightHOME at 914.909.5300 or read more online here!

Energy Finance Solutions

Energy Finance Solutions offers loans on behalf of NYSERDA. The Smart Energy Loan and the On-Bill Recovery Loan are both available through EFS. The Smart Energy Loan is repaid directly to NYSERDA’s loan provider, while the On-Bill Recovery Loan is repaid through charges directly on your monthly utility bill.

A user-friendly application process, allows you to easily apply online at any time to work with a participating BPI-accredited Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor, like BrightHOME. You’ll receive a quick turnaround on your loan approval so you’ll be able to proceed with your home energy project quickly to start seeing savings and increased comfort immediately. Loan rates are affordable and you have great payment options to ensure you’ll have low or no out-of-pocket costs.

Interested in financing for your home improvement project? Contact a BrightHOME Energy Consultant by calling (914) 292-0627.

Low interest, easy terms and lots of help applying.

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